Here you will find thousands of links to free sewing patterns, tutorials and ideas. I hope you will enjoy your visit and find it helpful. Unfortunately, I cannot provide everything in English. I hope the listed categories are useful.

Here is some more information:

  • Some links only work if you register on the linked page. These pages were free when I linked to them but I cannot guarantee that it hasn’t changed since then.
  • Sometimes the Snap-View doesn’t work although the link does.
  • Some links lead to commercial websites, but I’ve no pecuniary interests. Please don’t klick on the links if you don’t agree that they maybe lead to advertisments.
  • Please inform me if you whish that I delete a link.
  • If you need help for translation klick one of this links: Google Language Tools, Leo, Microsoft

Let me know if you need any more help.


The content of this website has been carefully prepared and reviewed. However, I don’t guarantee the accuracy, quality or completeness of the information provided. Liability claims against me in respect of material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information offered or by inaccurate or incomplete information are in principle ruled out provided that there is no provable culpable intent or gross negligence on my part.


Where I provide direct or indirect references (i.e. links) to external websites, I only assume liability if I have precise knowledge of the content and if it is technically possible and reasonable for me to prevent use in the event that they contain unlawful content. I hereby expressly state that the linked websites had no illegal content when the links were set up. It has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design of the linked sites and hereby distances itself expressly from any alterations to the content that were made after the links to those sites were set up. I am not responsible for the content, availability, correctness or accuracy of the linked sites or of the offerings, links or advertisements therein. I am not liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content or in particular for damages arising from the use or non-use of the information provided on linked sites.



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  1. it’s amazing how many ideas you can take from this web sites thanks to the various kind of links that you show in it

    good job
    a kiss from rome

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